Bridal Beauty DOs and DON’Ts

Every soon-to-be bride is concerned about the way her wedding photos will turn out.  While having a bad hair day can easily be fixed with a touch of hairspray, other problems can be avoided if preventative measures are taken.  Here we have some beauty DOs and DON’Ts that can jump-start your way to a healthy glow and help you look your best on your special wedding day.


Photo Credit: Reginaldo Andrade, Flickr


  • Try on beauty products ranging from makeup to nail polish to facials 6 months in advance.  This is to ensure you don’t break out in any rashes.
  • Go to your hairstylist to try out the look you want to have on your wedding day.  Leaving this to be done on your actual wedding day can lead to a disaster.
  • If you plan to get a pre-wedding massage, make sure that you use an oil or lotion that you’ve tried before.  You don’t want your body have an allergic reaction just days before wearing a strapless.
  • Maintain your glow by staying hydrated with lots of water and also eating foods high in water content.  Eat lots of citrus fruits, like oranges and grapefruits, which are packed with natural vitamins.  This will give your skin a healthy natural glow from the inside out.
  • Avoid breakouts and blemishes by eating clean, controlling your stress levels, and getting adequate sleep weeks before the wedding.
  • Start exfoliating to remove dull skin cells and reveal a healthy new layer of skin.  Do be careful to avoid harsh scrubs as these may irritate your skin.
  • Stay moisturized, head to toe.  You may have to do some investigating to find out your skin-type.  People with oily skin need an oil-free face moisturizer while people with dry skin may need a more intense hydrating cream.  Ask a professional at a department store’s cosmetic counter and find the best fit for you.

Photo Credit: Diego Gurgel, Flickr


  • Eat foods high in sodium starting a week before your wedding as this may cause excess bloating and discomfort.  Not sexy for wedding photos.  Sodium also causes the body to retain water weight.  So, you can shed a pound or two by avoiding salty foods.  Aim instead for fruits, veggies, and lightly seasoned meats.
  • Get a facial, brows waxed, or hair cut or colored less than two days before your wedding.  Get these done about a week in advance to make room for any mishaps.
  • If you’ve never gotten a bikini wax, plan to get your first one three months ahead of time.  Continue getting waxes up until your wedding.  This will help you dodge possible pain, swelling, and irritation.. aka the last thing you want on your wedding night!
  • Change your birth control, laundry detergent, or skincare program a month before your wedding.  You don’t want to risk having any allergic reactions to any new products.
  • Flat iron your hair the day before or on your wedding day before getting your hair styled.  Hair needs to be fresh in order to stay put and last longer.

Try to go more than one shade darker than your natural skin tone.  “Fake baking” is extremely damaging to the skin and being too dark can look unnatural in photos.  Spray tanning can also make you look orange.  Experiment with tanning weeks in advance to your wedding.

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