Best Alternatives for Your Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings

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For those who are a little quirky or on the offbeat side, you might be wondering what options for wedding rings there are for you that will allow you to steer away from the conventional diamond wedding rings. Let’s face it, doing things the non-conventional way can be more fun right? Well you’re in luck! Here we have some awesome ideas on some alternative selections you can choose from.

Colored Diamonds

Diamonds of different colors can add a nice edge to the classic clear or white diamond. Diamonds can range from pink to reds to yellows, different hues of blues, as well as different hues of green. By choosing the right hue you can create a deep and brilliant effect on the ring, or a light subtle tint for a softer feel. A diamond that is becoming more popular is the black diamond. This diamond looks great while set in combination with small white diamond accents. And can help achieve an elegant yet edgy look. Perfect for those who absolutely love black! Shop around at your local jeweler and ask for the best choices for the color you are seeking.

Alternatives to Diamonds

If you want to steer away for diamonds for reasons such as cost or just personal preference, many couples opt for beautiful gems and stones. Usually these gems or stones can have personal meanings to them, such as being a birthstone or simply a favorite gem. Many couples also choose to have a piece of a family heirloom placed into the ring set so as to keep sentimental value and tradition.

Some examples of precious gems and stones include rubies, garnet, citrine, and peridot. You also can’t forget the wonderful colors of sapphires, topaz, tanzanite, amethyst, and tourmaline! There are so many stones and precious gems to use from. The sky is the limit!

Wedding Band Alternatives for Men

For the guys who want to wear wedding band alternatives to the classic white gold, some options of course could include titanium, platinum, or stainless steel. For an edgy and unique look, opt for black Tungsten Carbide ring. This can definitely add a modern twist from the typical silver or gold. And don’t feel constricted to just having solid metals. Wedding bands with a hint of masculine bling from diamonds or stones can be done quite nicely. Looking for a unique but individualized look? Today wedding bands can be made with your partner’s fingerprint imprints on the outer surface! Talk about only one in the world!

Remember that your wedding band is something you’re going to wear every day for the rest of your life. It’s supposed to symbolize an irreplaceable bond between two individuals. So, you want your wedding ring to symbolize each of you and express both of your personalities.

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