A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors – Part I

Choosing the right color for your wedding can be an overwhelming process.  While some brides-to-be have been dreaming of their wedding day since they could remember and already know exactly what they want, there are still many things to consider before making that final decision.  Here are some tips to guiding you to the perfect color for your perfect day:

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Start with what you know

  • At this point in life, you probably already know your favorite colors, for instance, which color is the most prevalent in your wardrobe or which color looks the best against your skin tone. Choose the color you’ve always been in love with and you can’t go wrong!
  • Even if the color might be far from neutral, don’t worry.  There are numerous ways to incorporate these colors tastefully into your wedding by simply selecting a different hue or tone of the color.
  • You might want to search for or make your own color inspiration board.  Aim to get a maximum of three colors that all compliment each other.  These will make the dominant, support, and accent colors to the wedding.  Look in stores or online for color palettes to open your mind to the world of color!

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If you have a theme

  • You will want to select the appropriate color that goes with the theme selected for your wedding. Whether it’s sports, butterflies, or chocolate, sticking to the theme will definitely help guide you in the right direction.
  • Consider any cultural or traditional colors that may be more appropriate for your wedding.  In some customs, certain colors can signify happiness and luck while in another they could mean the exact opposite.  Make sure you are sending a positive message and setting a good vibe when selecting the right color for you and your guests.
  • Don’t forget to be consistent and use the same themes and colors with your wedding invitations, place cards, ribbons, etc.
  • You can look at magazines and pictures boards for creative ideas for which colors are associated with specific themes.
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Consider the location

  • Where will your wedding be held? If your wedding is indoors, you might want to consider the interior decorations already built in and the intensity of the colors of the room.  You don’t want to choose a bold color for your wedding that clashes with those of the venue. If you have an outdoor wedding, aim for fresh, light, and perhaps natural colors that will go well with your surroundings. Collaborate your color schemes with your venue.
spring wedding flowers

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Think about the season

  • What season will your wedding be held? Sometimes this can be a deciding factor on which color would be suit for the wedding. Make sure your color combinations compliment the foliage and temperature of your surroundings.  This can make a difference on setting a nice tone and ambiance.
  • Pastels are usually used in warmer seasons, while colors like red and green can be used more during the holidays. Think about the variations of every color and compliments to those colors!

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