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New Design: Autumn

Fall wedding planning is in full swing by now and we’re excited to offer something special to everyone getting hitched in the fairest of seasons! Say hello to the newest addition to our fall wedding invitations, the Autumn Wedding Invitation! It features all sorts of foliage in a layered array of brush strokes, for a lovely,
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Advice: Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part II

Wedding Gifts

If you missed Part I to the history and process of gift registry, you can find it here: Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part II You’ll find that some of these tips below are just a fraction of all the things you should keep me in mind when dealing with a gift registry! Cover Entire
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Advice: Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part I

New to this whole wedding thing? So what exactly is a wedding registry and how does it work?  Who is involved and should I make one?  Here are some answers to a few questions you might have about gift registry history and the process.  Feel free to follow some useful tips below and get ready
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The Bride: Quiz – Am I A Bridezilla?

Bride Shoes

Every bride has heard of the term Bridezilla. Think there’s no way you could ever turn into one? Well here we have some warning signs that might tell you otherwise! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and look these 9 topics over.. You could save yourself from bruising any relationships during this process.
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Wedding Party: Groomsmen in Style – Part II


If you missed our previous article to achieving the latest fashion trends for the groomsmen at your wedding, you can find it here: Groomsmen in Style – Part I Dress Your Elders We are seeing more grooms paying respect to their elders by getting them matching tuxes for their wedding. This way, even if the
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