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Beauty: Bridal Beauty DOs and DON’Ts


Every soon-to-be bride is concerned about the way her wedding photos will turn out.  While having a bad hair day can easily be fixed with a touch of hairspray, other problems can be avoided if preventative measures are taken.  Here we have some beauty DOs and DON’Ts that can jump-start your way to a healthy
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Advice: How to Nail Your Speech 101


What an honor to be giving a speech!  It’s understandable to be a little nervous.  Speaking in front of an audience can be daunting.  Whether you’re speaking at wedding reception, shower, or rehearsal dinner, no need to fret!  Here are some useful ways to help you prepare a tasteful toast by keeping it short and
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New Design: Oak Tree

Nobody can deny the beauty of a regal oak tree! A symbol of peace, comfort and natural elegance, it is a great icon for a wedding invitation. The Oak Tree Wedding Invitation features a simple oak, oak leaf and acorns on its various pieces. Perfect for outdoor weddings or country estate galas, this design is
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Budget: Wedding Costs for Bridesmaids


Are you a bridesmaid at a wedding and wondering how much you will need to spend? Having trouble figuring out what the proper wedding etiquette is on dishing out the dough?  Here are some guidelines about who pays for what in regards to a wedding. Photo Credit: Top Bride Dresses Paying for bridesmaids dresses: It
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New: Simple Border SD + Stationery

The understated elegance of the Simple Border design is timeless. Make sure to lock down your guests by sending out Simple Border Save the Dates. Compliment your wedding day decor with Simple Border Programs, Simple Border Menus, Simple Border Table Cards, Simple Border Place Cards, and Simple Border Favor Tags. Send a classy message to
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Advice: To Elope or Not To Elope


A marriage between two people symbolizes their bond and everlasting love for one another.  While some couples choose to celebrate their marriage by throwing an extravagant wedding, others might choose to partake in a more simple and intimate ceremony.  In that case, eloping could be a great option. By eloping, a couple marries secretly and
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New Design: Simple Border

The Green Kangaroo collection includes many classic wedding invitations, but until now, we’ve been lacking an invitation with a simple, inset border! The Simple Border Wedding Invitation has a pure, classic aesthetic and can be tailored to your liking via paper, ink and font selections! The Design Team is busy dreaming up beautiful invitations to
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The Groom: Groomsmen DOs and DON’Ts


Whether you’re the groom’s good friend or a relative, your main duty is to be a constant support system for your buddy leading up to his wedding.  This can be a very stressful time, and as a groomsman, your attitude and positivity can make all the difference.  Plus, by being such a caring, awesome guy
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Advice: Advice on Gift Purchasing


Following the acceptance of a wedding invitation, you now have to worry about … gifts!  What kinds of gifts are appropriate and to which occasions should you bring them?  Here is some advice on gifting to the bride and groom. You should expect to buy about three gifts. These gifts are for the bridal shower,
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The Bride: Maid of Honor Responsibilities

Bride Friend

The bride chooses her Maid of Honor because she is her most beloved friend or sister. The name Maid of Honor is given to the primary bridesmaid, if the woman is unmarried.  She may also be called the Chief Bridesmaid, or Matron of Honor if she is married.  A bride could also have a Junior
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