Monthly Archives: February 2014

New Design: Mason Jar

Who isn’t charmed by mason jars? They make for great centerpieces and add a sweet touch to  wedding invitations as well! The Mason Jar Wedding Invitation is a trendy choice for a laid-back, nature-inspired celebration. Choose the perfect inks for the jar and darling flowers and make this invitation uniquely you! The Design Team is
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Christina + Andy: Romance with Roots

I know less than a handful of people who met their spouses before high school. It’s certainly a rare and beautiful thing to grow and change with the person you eventually marry! Such was the fate of Christina and Andy. Rivals in excellence by eighth grade, they each received the “Student of the Year” award,
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Cake: The Tradition of Cake Cutting

tradition cake cutting

A wedding night isn’t complete without the bride and groom cutting a piece of cake together, right? But have you ever stopped to wonder how this tradition started and if you have to follow it? The wedding cake is usually served at the wedding reception after everyone is finished with dinner.  It was originally created
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Real Stationery Photos: Lantern Clutch Wedding Invitation

We love how this lantern themed wedding invitation can take on a whole different look based on your color choices.  The minimal lanterns are casually festive and come alive with pops of color! Because colors can vary among computer monitors, we suggest requesting a sample and swatches of your favorite colors and materials.  We’re always
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Advice: A Guide to Choosing Your Wedding Colors – Part I

choosing wedding colors

Choosing the right color for your wedding can be an overwhelming process.  While some brides-to-be have been dreaming of their wedding day since they could remember and already know exactly what they want, there are still many things to consider before making that final decision.  Here are some tips to guiding you to the perfect
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