Your Wedding Day Schedule

The day of your wedding, there is so much to do.  If you haven’t hired a wedding planner or “day of” wedding coordinator, a lot of the organizing and last minute tasks will fall on your lap to either delegate or do yourself.  Here is where we make sense of all the last minute tasks, how to save yourself some headaches, how to provide yourself adequate time and, most importantly, how to relax!

Knowing is Half the Battle

It is hard to plan a schedule accurately when you don’t know how long things will take. Do a sample hair and make-up run to get an approximate estimate of how long things will take.  Do a complete run through with everything you will wear. This means including all shape wear, hosiery, hair pins and jewelry. If you need to deliver anything anywhere on the day of the wedding, make a practice run on the same day of the week at the same times to help you judge traffic and timing.  Be sure to have alternate routes prepared in case of an accident and plan for any special events that would increase traffic in the area.

Practice Makes Perfect

Your rehearsal is important to get your wedding flowing right so it looks finished and organized instead of thrown together and chaotic.  Just like you want to rehearse your wedding, you want to rehearse every section of your wedding day schedule. Do your hair more than once in the style you plan to use until you get really good at achieving the look you want. Practice applying your make-up in a few different ways until you accomplish your desired look with barely any effort. Practice getting into your wedding dress and more importantly walking in your shoes. If you are wearing heels on your wedding day, when you aren’t used to wearing them, it can be difficult not to trip or tumble.  A slight trip or stumble in heels can quickly turn into a full blown fall when your feet are surrounded by yards of material. Get your nails done the same way you want them done on the day of your wedding a few weeks in advance and buy your own polish when you find the color you want to guarantee that your manicurist has the color you want on hand. Go ahead and get your pedicure done on a practice run as well.

Cushion Your Schedule

No matter how much planning you do, it is impossible to predict every possibility. Give yourself some extra time in the day in case you fall behind schedule with any aspect of your wedding morning.  Go to bed early so you can get up early.  If you are ahead of schedule at any point don’t lose that momentum.  It is better to be done early with nothing to do but chat, then to fall behind at the last minute when you could have put an earlier gain in time to good use.

Confirm Everything

A week before the wedding you should be having conversations with everyone who is responsible for any aspect of your wedding.  This includes everyone from vendors to the person dropping off your guest book at the reception hall.

Delegate Everything You Possibly Can

The saying may go, “if you want something done right, do it yourself” but this isn’t always the case on your wedding day.  It will be a very busy morning so it may be better to delegate as much as you can. Have someone else deliver whatever needs to be delivered to the ceremony and venue location. Have someone in charge of everything that has to be done.  This way, they can come to you with problems, but otherwise you can focus on getting ready for your big moment.

Put It In Writing

Make a list so you can stay organized.  Write down what has to be done and who is doing it. Do this in advance of course, it is hard to remember absolutely everything the morning of your wedding.

Be Prepared

Do everything you can before the actual day of your wedding.  Drop off favors and the like to whoever is taking them to the reception. Decorate the church the day before if they will allow it. Get your hair done a few days before the wedding as well as any cutting or chemical processing.  Anything you can get done before the morning of your wedding, make sure you get it done.  The smaller the to-do list you have crammed into your wedding day, the more time you will have to enjoy yourself.

Leave It to the Professionals

Consider hiring a “day of” wedding coordinator.  This person will meet with you a few weeks in advance of your wedding and help make sure everything runs as planned.  They will also talk to your vendor a few days in advance to make sure everyone knows what they are doing and when. A wedding day coordinator can give you peace of mind and allow you some much deserved relaxation on your wedding day and can be fairly inexpensive.