Trend: Yarn Wedding Inspiration

Yarn is undeniably getting its moment in the sun right now — wrapped, tied, knotted, and even tangled, DIY yarn projects are trending in the world of weddings and beyond!  We love the many ways to incorporate yarn into your big day.  Though crocheted or knitted projects are gorgeously intricate, you don’t have to be a master crafter to make something beautiful out of yarn.  Wrapping yarn around milk jars or monograms is a simple way to add color in a modern, but cozy kind of way.  Tying small yarn pompoms and hanging en masse can make a huge impact as a backdrop, while a yarn ball chandelier to top it all off simply deserves a “Wow!”

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Are you crafting any yarn projects?  We’d love to hear about them!  Find more DIY inspiration on Pinterest!

Lovely images:  Colorful skeins of yarn at Purl (they have the prettiest things!)  |  Yarn pompoms  |  Yarn wrapped monograms  |  Yarn ball chandelier  |  Yarn wrapped place setting

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2 thoughts on “Trend: Yarn Wedding Inspiration

  1. Jan Francis

    Thank you so much for the lovely cards I received in the mail. I will think of the Green Kangaroo every day I send a note. Your company is awesome!!!!

    Jan Francis

  2. Kristen

    We are so happy to hear you are pleased with the notes and your kind remarks about TGK! Thanks, Jan!


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