Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

May Suggest Custom Wedding Invitations Too

Choosing to personalize your wedding vows by writing some or all of what will be spoken can be extremely important and meaningful—certainly more important than the cake you choose, the dress you will wear, the photographer you select or any of the other decisions you will have to make for the big day. What’s more, if you elect to customize your wedding vows with poetry, special quotations or even write all of the vows yourselves, you may also want to order Custom Wedding Invitations for the same reason. In addition to DIY wedding invitations, crafting the language you will speak to one another on that special day is both personal and powerful, expressing love and commitment designed to last a lifetime.

Writing Part Or All Of Your Vows

When choosing to incorporate your own views about love and marriage in your wedding vows, there are several approaches you can take. You may decide to have the priest, minister or rabbi read a portion of the traditional vows that you are familiar with and simply add passages to those prepared. Another option is to take the vows spoken in your religious or secular tradition and rewrite them in your own words.

Yet a further option is to write all vows yourselves, incorporating either conventional or non-conventional sentiments that are personally meaningful for each of you. Couples who choose to write their own vows often incorporate meaningful passages from poetry or literature throughout the ages, a foreshadowing of which can be included in the custom wedding invitations that you select.

Wedding Readings

If you decide to stay with conventional wedding vows from your respective traditions you may still decide to include special readings to speak to one another. You can even elect to write our own poetry or sentiment to share with one another. Again, if selecting from the classics or contemporary literature, there are many eloquent writers to choose from—from Shakespeare to Rumi to Lawrence to Neruda, and more.

Finally, some couples select passages from scriptures, passages that are fulfilling to them individually, as well as passages reflecting their new lives together as a couple. Whichever route you take, whether writing your own or adding to traditional vows with special readings, there is a wide array of writers to choose from, including sentiments and words wrought from your own hearts.