Welcome Bags for the Out of Town Guests

If a couple are having guests from out of town they usually make welcome bags for them.  These bags are filed with conveniences and information for their guests to thank them for coming to support the couple despite the added inconvenience of travel.  Here are some suggestions to fill the welcome bags for the wedding guests from out of town.

An itinerary – Even if the only events the guests are invited to attend are the wedding and the reception they should be provided with an itinerary of the day or weekend’s events.

Directions – Directions to the venues and any local points of interest will be very helpful to guests who don’t know the area. A map showing where the venues are in relation to each other may also be useful.

Information on attractions – The local visitors’ center will have pamphlets and even coupons that can be included in the welcome bags.  Information on eateries, movie theaters and other local venues would probably be appreciated as well.

Toiletries and medicine – Medicine cabinet items like trial size deodorants, band aids, a sewing kit, aspirin and antacids may come in handy for some of your guests. A few suggestions:

  • headache medicines – things like Tylenol and aspirin
  • tummy trouble medicines – antacids and single servings of things for upset stomach
  • hand sanitizer
  • hand towelettes
  • cotton swabs and cotton balls
  • trial size toiletries – deodorant, body wash, shampoo and conditioner, mouthwash and toothpaste to name a few
  • small basic sewing kit
  • flip flops for the shower, pool or just to dance in when dress shoes get uncomfortable
  • a handkerchief
  • band aids
  • a few alcohol prep pads
  • a small manicure kit – clippers and a nail file will do
  • makeup remover wipes

A personalized do not disturb sign

A t-shirt – Saying “I am with the Bride” or “I am with the Groom” or just “I am with the (bride and groom’s last name) wedding”

Some candies or snacks.

A few packets of flavoring to flavor bottled water – Including a bottle of water is also a nice touch and the labels can even be personalized.


Coupons – Or small five dollar gift cards for a local eatery or a food place that delivers.

These bags can be highly personalized to the guests and the couple.  Guests from out of town will appreciate the extra effort, especially if they wind up needing some of the items included.