Trend: Glitter

All that glitters is gorgeous!  Well, there might be a few exceptions to the rule, but we’ve rounded up some sparkly inspiration to make your wedding day shimmer and shine.

glittery wedding shoes and lovely reception dress

glittery wedding cupcakes

glittery feathers and decor

Warm tones of glitter paired with soft pinks and golds create such a romantic feel, but you’re certainly not limited to any particular wedding style or color scheme.  A little bit of glitter can go a long way in glamming up your big day!  Glittery heels peeking out from under your dress, sugary sparkles on your wedding cake, or glitter-dipped decor add splendid glimmer in just the right places without being over-the-top.

Do you love the glitter wedding trend?  Find more ideas on Pinterest!

Lovely images:  Glitter-heeled shoes  |  Collared reception dress  |  Glitter wedding cupcakes  |  Glitter-dipped feathers (and a how-to!)  |  Sparkly table decor

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