Wedding Stationery Basics – Engagement Announcements

With so many types of wedding stationery available from invitations to reply cards to thank you notes it can be difficult to know what you need for your wedding.

Over the next several weeks, our Friday segment will explore wedding stationery basics that many brides have questions about. To get started,  here are some tips on what stationery you need, when to get it, when to send it and how to keep it all organized.

Engagement Announcements

What they are – The question has been asked and the obvious answer was yes.  It is time to tell the galaxy about it! Okay well maybe not the entire galaxy, but you want to at least let everyone who is going to make your guest list know, and well maybe everyone who reads the paper.

When you send them – The simple answer is that you may send your engagement announcements as soon as you are engaged.

Do you need them? – In today’s world of social networking, most people on your guest list will have heard the news long before the ink has dried on your engagement announcements.  They are a good way to announce and invite guests to an engagement party.  Otherwise if your budget is tight you may skip them in lieu of emails and phone calls.  You may also want to have your engagement announcement printed in the local newspaper.

Other Tips – It is good etiquette to verbally inform the parents of both the bride and groom, other close family members, people who will be part of the wedding party, and anyone else who may be insulted if they hear the news from anyone other than the bride and groom.

When having your announcement printed in the local paper avoid having a exact date printed.  Phrase the announcement something like “a fall 2014 wedding is being planned”.  This prevents anyone with ill intentions from knowing when you will have an empty house.  In today’s world it is all too easy to find out someone’s address.