Wedding Planning – Part 4

Here is some wedding planning advice in regards to your wedding timeline from The American Wedding.

Your Timeline

This is probably the hardest part of wedding planning altogether. It may even beat out the tightest budget. The reason being, things take time, especially things like: renting a banquet hall, marriage counseling, choosing and ordering your gown, some invitation companies, etc.

Luckily here at The American Wedding you can receive most wedding invitations in about twelve business days and by “receive,” we mean you will actually have those cards in your hot little hands by then!

Your location will also play a fairly large role in to your planning.  For example a smaller town can pose problems. You may have less venues to choose from, so they may become booked early but on the other hand a lot of people may host their wedding in a larger nearby town. Also, your timeline will help determine whether or not you are able to Do It Yourself (DIY) everything you wanted to. Not all of us are crafty or even want to be. But, more and more with the added personalized touches and the economy as it is, it can pay to do things on your own. Just try not to bite off more than you can chew or at least you and your planning crew can chew.

For more on your wedding timeline, read our Wedding Planning Timeline section

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