Wedding Planning – Part 3

Here is some wedding planning advice in regards to your wedding party from The American Wedding.

Your Wedding Party

It would be wonderful if you could include all of your sorority sisters and all of your cousins. It’s terrific that you have such a strong support group and love and are loved by so many people. But, we don’t want you to become overwhelmed so we’re just going to ask you to give your dream wedding party list some thought — the more people, the more money, the more money the more problems.

Wedding planning can be a long and sometimes stressful (most of the time beautiful) process. So try to keep it simple and fun as best you can. The people around you should be people that lift you up and keep you in their best thoughts. The people you choose for your maids should be people that, if need be, are willing to put together dozens of paper bouquets well into the late night. While I’m not suggesting you work your gals to the bone, you want ladies who will help you out, ultimately be there when you need them.

It’s also easy to make the mistake of choosing ladies to be in your wedding simply because you were in theirs. There isn’t any kind of rule stating you choose someone just because they chose you. This is your day, so make sure that the people you choose are understanding and joyful people ready to stand up for you on your big day. With that in mind always be clear with your girls because you will have a lot to discuss with them. For example are you choosing the gown for them or just giving them a color? Are you buying the gowns or for financial reasons are you asking the maids to go help?

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