Wedding Planning – Part 2

Here is some wedding planning advice in regards to your wedding vision.

Your Vision

Something you may not realize as a bride with the perfect wedding planned in your head is that if you do not project this idea into the outward world, your vision won’t come true. This is not to discourage you from being visual or planning things out in your head, you just need to express those ideas.  Also, it is absolutely wonderful that you know what you want! But, please let everyone take a peek at the masterpiece you have created.  So go ahead, pretend you’re 13 and cut up magazines and catalogs make an inspiration board, or go online and make one; there are plenty of sites to help you with this process. It’s fun and a great stress reducer! Your friends or even event planner need to see what you are thinking. It is a lot easier to help you and to guide you when they have a clear idea of what you would like.

For example say you tell your planner that you love nature and would really like nature themed centerpieces. Well, without a picture or some pros and cons he or she has no idea that you will hate a moss covered birds nests as centerpieces.

Moss Covered Birds Nest

Images, themes, lists, etc are all very important when conveying your ideas. When it comes to something like this, there is no such thing as TMI (to much information).

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