Wedding Mistakes Avoided – Continued

Misplacing the Rings

You want to know where your rings are before the bride walks down the aisle.  It is preferable to have someone visually confirm it if possible.  Knowing in advance the rings have been left behind and making due is a lot better than finding out when your officiant asks for the rings.

Making Mistakes at the Bar

The night before your wedding is where this can begin.  No one wants a headache or a hangover on their wedding day.  Don’t have your bachelor/bachelorette party the night before your wedding or drink through your reception dinner.  Besides risking sickness it is awful for your complexion.

Your invited guests should be treated as such.  A cash bar is in most cases a bad idea.  Your budget and other factors may limit what you serve but your guest should be gracious enough to accept whatever is offered.  Also make arrangements in advance to pay the bartender a gratuity and ask that they not use a tip jar.  Setting limits in advance to avoid overly drunk guests and arrange transportation for those who slip through is always a do.

Leaving Your Reception Early

This party is all about you and your guests have come to honor you.  You will be exhausted and possibly even traveling at the end of the day.  Make sure to plan around your planned reception end time.  It is never acceptable to leave your reception early unless something occurs beyond your control.

Music at the Reception

Hopefully you hired a DJ whose ability you trust.  It is fine to give the DJ a list of a few favorite songs, songs for special dances and even a few songs you absolutely want avoided.  Don’t try to micromanage every song that gets played.  You wouldn’t tell your caterer how to make their signature dish or talk your bartender through every cocktail.  Have some trust in your decision.

Consider where your entertainer’s speakers will be when making your seating chart.  Seating older guests who may be hard of hearing near the speakers is a bad idea.  They may not be able to hear the conversation and probably won’t enjoy having Only the Good Die Young blasted in their ears.

Your guests are all very different people with very different tastes.  The bride and groom may love country but that is not the only kind of music that exists.  Make sure your DJ plays a good mix to make all your guests comfortable.  Also don’t force participation in line dances.  A little friendly pressure is okay, but some people really are not comfortable with them.

Inviting Controversial Guests

You want everyone in your life to share in your special day.  Not all families and social circles are picture perfect and yours is probably not an exception.  Make sure people are prepped ahead of time for any sticky situations that may arise and arrange the seating chart accordingly.  Enlist trusted family and friends to keep an eye for and diffuse any heated situations.  It is your day and your guests should realize that is what is important, not any preexisting differences.  Also, it is really never a good idea to invite your ex no matter how close you may be.  This is usually awkward for someone and someone will inevitably comment on it.  Even jokingly this can sting someone, be it you, your intended or your ex.  Just politely explain to them why you aren’t including them in advance.

Not Using Enough Postage

Much of your wedding stationery, especially the invitations, will require more than the standard postage rate.  Make sure you take a sample to the post office to be weighed before you order your postage.  Getting all your envelopes returned with that horrid insufficient postage stamp can be a huge setback and take weeks to correct.

Trying to Do It All Yourself

You probably have a lot of ideas about how you want your special day to happen.  It can be a lot to coordinate.  If people offer to help take it!  You can delegate small individual tasks and make your experience much easier and more pleasant.  Make it clear what your expectations are and choose people you trust and you won’t be disappointed.

Doing your research and knowing what to expect as you plan is always a good idea.  If things go wrong do your best to handle it graciously and do not forget what the day is really all about.

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