Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part 3

Don’t register for what you don’t need

If you and your fiance already live together or you have more than enough throw pillows and kitchen appliances between you, consider an alternative registry. Register for camping equipment, outdoor furniture or exercise equipment. Or try cresting a wedding wish list on your website asking for things like cooking lessons and magazine subscriptions. It is never appropriate to ask for money but you can choose not to register and have close friends and family spread the word that you are saving for your honeymoon or a new set of furniture from your favorite store. This can encourage cash gifts and gift cards. Be prepared to get a few toasters and blenders if you don’t register, however. Some people just prefer giving a gift to giving a check. If you know this will be the case perhaps a simple registry with a few splurge items would be advisable. If there is really nothing you need and you are financially stable, ask guests to donate to your favorite charity in lieu of a gift. You can provide links on your wedding website so they can easily do so. Remember it is never appropriate to include information about gifts desired in the invitations. Even saying “please no gifts” breaks the basic rules of etiquette and should be avoided. Have people spread the word or place the information on your wedding website.

Have fun with your registry. Don’t get too worry about the details too much. And don’t forget to allow your husband to have some wiggle room in where he gets to point the registry gun. The two of you can always regroup later at home and discuss your choices in order to edit the registry.

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