Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part 2

Register for items in all price ranges

All your guests will be in different financial situations. Also you can’t expect a casual acquaintance to spend the same amount that a close family member would spend on your wedding gift. Make sure you have items that cost as little as twenty dollars or less on your registry. You will also want to have all the price ranges in between your cheapest gift and most expensive gift represented. So if you register for a twenty dollar picture frame and a thousand dollar bedroom set, then you want to register for items in the thirty, fifty, one hundred and two hundred dollar price ranges at the very least.

Choose a store that is convenient for your guests

Register somewhere that has locations convenient for all your guests. Choose a store that offers online ordering if possible. It is perfectly acceptable to register at more than one store. Just make sure all price ranges are represented at each store and don’t overload the registries.

Monitor your registry

It may seem like bad manners to keep checking your registry to see what guests have purchased. Really it is not being greedy but considerate to do so. You always want all price ranges represented so monitoring what has been purchased will help you know when to add a few items if say all the thirty dollar items have been purchased.

Don’t break etiquette

It is not appropriate for the bride and groom to include registry information with any of the invitations or other wedding stationery. You may however include the information on your wedding website.

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