Wedding Gift Registry Tips – Part 1

Creating your wedding registry should be a stress free part of wedding planning, but it still requires planning. You need to choose a store or stores where you will register. If you and your fiancee do not already live together you will probably want to register for quite a few basics. If you are already sharing the same residence with your intended, or are combining many of your existing household items you may not need so many of the typical wedding registry items and can instead register for fun splurge items. Here are some wedding registry basics to keep in mind when creating your wedding registry.

Plan in advance

Don’t go into the store blindly. Talk with your spouse to be and discuss what you each would like to place on your registry. Don’t assume you both have the same ideas. Allow each other a few “free items” where neither of you will argue the others choice within reason.

Be practical

Sure that professional grade bread maker looks amazing and would go oh so well with your new kitchens décor. How many times will you really use it? Think about the practical use you will get from the items you put on your registry. Consider appliances and other items with multiple uses to save space.

Register for things you wouldn’t buy yourself

Chances are one of you owns a blender and a dish rack. Maybe you would love a pizza stone or a cappuccino machine but can’t really justify the expense. Be practical but be sure to place a few high end splurge items on your registry as well so people like your favorite aunt who always got you the cool gifts have something to buy you.

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