Wedding Day Superstitions

There are lots of sayings and superstitions about what is good luck and what is bad.  Everything from the thirteenth of the month falling on a Friday to cats that are all black and finding a penny laying on the right side are commonly known superstitions.  Of course a lot of them are not based in anything scientific or provable but plenty of people swear by them anyway.  Following them can seem silly or like a fun little gesture to promote good luck, it is really up to you.  Here are a few superstitions related to luck on your wedding day.

Rain and Other Watery Superstitions

Culturally rain tends to be a good thing on your wedding day.  Some say you are getting the bad weather out of the way so the rest of your marriage can be bright and sunny.  Others say the rain is cleansing and leads to a more solid union from the start.  The superstition is probably based mostly on the Hindu tradition that a wet knot is harder to untie.  Also rain is good for crops and many cultures depended on it for their well being.  So rain on a wedding day symbolized the future financial well being of the happy couple.  With the same token, rain was the cause of the fertility of those crops so could also have meant the couple would be blessed with children.

Tears were also said to be cleansing for the marriage and it was thought good luck if the bride or a child cried at the wedding.

If you really don’t want rain on your wedding day it is said that hanging rosary beads in your window the night before will keep the rain away.

A Black Cat in the Bride’s Path

Black cats are generally thought to be bad luck right?  Well yes except on your wedding day it is considered good luck for the bride to encounter one on the way to her wedding.  Of course the same is also said about the bride encountering a clergyman, lamb, spider, dove, doctor, policeman and even a blind man.  Brides no longer walk to the church generally so they tend not to randomly encounter any of these things on the way.  But think twice about swatting that spider on the windowsill on the morning of your wedding!

Coins, Coins, Coins

Coins have been associated with good luck on your wedding day for ages.  Wearing them in your shoes tend to be a popular superstition said to guarantee the couple will always have some money in their future together.  Another common superstition is the groom should give a coin to the first person he sees on his way to the ceremony.

Marriage is a Powerful Thing

Some Jewish weddings were held in cemeteries during the middle ages.  These times were riddled with plagues and it was said that the life affirming act of marriage had the power to stop them.  Also the tradition of throwing rice was said to mean plentiful crops for the people tossing the rice and the happy couple. Some believe throwing the rice was meant to feed evil spirits and keep them distracted from the happy couple. Just touching the hem of the bridal gown was considered good luck in some cultures.

No Peeking

It is very commonly considered bad luck for the groom to see the bride in her wedding attire before the actual ceremony.  Also it is said the groom should not see the bride at all on the day of the wedding before the actual ceremony.

Color Me Happy

There are sayings about the color of the dress you choose to wear on your wedding day.  White generally is a good thing as is blue.  Yellow and green generally are said to mean not such favorable things.  The exact meanings of each color vary by superstition.

Chivalry or Prevention

It is considered a bad omen for the bride to trip on the threshold entering the marriage home.  So the tradition of having the groom carry her over the threshold was started.

Timing is Everything

There are several poems and verses saying what type of bride you will be depending on the time of year, week and even day. Most look favorably on January, February and September brides while giving mixed reviews of other months. They tend to give favor to Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and warn against weddings that are later in the week.  It is said to be good luck to be married when the minute hand on the clock is upward moving and bad luck when downward moving.

Diamonds, Not Pearls

Pearls as pretty as they are, are also said to bring bad luck to a marriage.  They are formed by harsh conditions and agitation and are said to bring the same to a marriage.  They also are said to bring many tears to the bride.

A Stitch in Time and Good Timing

It is said if a bride makes her own wedding dress she will cry a tear for every stitch she sews.  It is said to be good luck to be married when the minute hand on the clock is upward moving and bad luck when downward moving.

These superstitions and all others can be fun.  Just don’t get worried if a “bad luck omen” comes your way.  After all there is probably someone, somewhere who sees it as good luck and your marriage will be what you make it.