Wedding Day Checklist – Tiny Details You Don’t Want to Forget

You plan everything about your wedding day down to the very last detail, or so you think!  Here is a list of some details many brides forget.

  • Tell the guests that you have reserved seating for them. If you will be using ushers make sure they know who should be sitting where.  If you will not be using ushers make sure the people who should be sitting in certain places, like your parents and immediate family, know where those places are.  The reserved seating signs or ropes on aisles won’t do you any good if no one knows who should be in the seats.
  • Make sure you pack a bag for your hotel. If you are staying anywhere other than your home on your wedding night, be sure to pack a bag before the wedding.  Then have someone reliable drop it at the hotel in advance.
  • Charge your cell phone. You will get plenty of calls from frantic guests asking directions to the wedding or asking last minute questions.  Make sure your cell phone is fully charged and you have your charger with you.  Then hand the cell phone and the charger to your wedding planner, a bridesmaid or another reliable person and put them in charge of answering the calls.  Chances are they can field most of the questions as well.
  • Buy a nice hangar for your wedding dress. If you will have a photographer present when you are getting ready they will take a picture of your dress while it is on the hangar.  You can count on this whether you hire a professional or it is your Aunt Lily taking photos with a disposable camera.  You don’t want a cheap wire or plastic hangar in that picture.  Buy a sturdy hangar covered in material or choose another pretty option so you are happy with that photograph.
  • Be sure to carry cash. Chances are you will forget to make an envelope for tipping someone.  Be it altar servers, the officiant, the hairdresser or the bellhop you will want to have extra money on hand for tipping them.  Carry an assortment of bills including singles just in case.
  • Get your passport. If your honeymoon requires international travel that is.  Airline tickets and hotel reservations won’t get you very far if you do not have the paperwork necessary to leave the country.
  • Have someone assigned to deal with gifts. Even though it is now uncommon to bring gifts other than monetary ones to the reception some guests may still do so.  Have someone in charge of collecting the gifts and taking them where they need to go.
  • Arrange your wedding day transportation. You may have a limousine to take you to the wedding but who is driving you to the hairdresser?  How about home from the reception. Plan out every detail of the wedding day transportation for you and your wedding guests.
  • Write a speech. You and your new spouse will be expected to say a few words to thank your guests at your reception.  Doing this with no planning can be difficult so jot down a few words or notes on what you want to say.
  • Bring a purse. Well, maybe you don’t need a full purse but you will want a few “emergency” supplies.  Some things to include in your emergency bridal kit are tissues, a sewing kit, clear nail polish, safety and bobby pins, aspirin, antacids and some makeup for quick touch ups.   A great option is to have your bridesmaids keep these things in their purses.
  • Eat all day. You spent plenty of time choosing a menu and tasting cakes make sure you take a few minutes to enjoy it.  You and your attendants should also have a set time to at least snack before the wedding.  The morning of your wedding will be pretty busy so set aside a time in advance to have some snacks delivered.  The last thing you want is for you or a bridesmaid to faint during the festivities.
  • Make sure everyone knows the schedule. You may have planned every detail of your day down to the minute and know it all by heart.  Chances are your guests aren’t that invested. Create an itinerary for everything surrounding your wedding that concerns your guests and distribute it.

It won’t hurt to print this list or make your own wedding day checklist.   It is easy to forget some of the little things in planning your day of details while handling the bigger picture.  If you do forget something just relax and enjoy your day anyway.  Improvise if you can if not it won’t be the end of the world.