Wedding Communications Part 2

The wedding announcement is sent out the day of or shortly after the wedding takes place, especially to those who did not receive wedding invitations. Usually, the wedding announcement is sent to friends and family who were not invited to the main event due to space constraints or inability to travel. The wedding announcement simply states that the happy couple is now married. Unlike the wedding invitation, the announcement does not require any sort of acknowledgement on the part of the recipient. Also, gifts are appropriate, but not required in any way.

Remember, in most cases, the wedding announcement is used after a couple elopes or has had an extremely small wedding with close friends and family only.

The wedding announcement may be printed or written on formal invitation card stock or fine wedding stationery. Furthermore, it is important to note that wedding announcements are not required. They should also not take the place of individual thank you notes sent to guests of the wedding or those that sent gifts.

The wording of the wedding announcement should be clear and concise — limited to only a few lines, taking up no more than one card. This is a good example of proper wedding announcement wording:

Mr. and Mrs. David Johnson
Announce the marriage of their daughter
Emily Michelle
Mr. Michael Richard Smith
On Saturday, September the thirteenth
Two thousand and eight

It is important to remember that writing wedding announcements should not be a painstaking process. It should be simple and quick. It is also important to note that while wedding announcements are a nice touch after the wedding, they are not required. So if you are on a limited budget after the wedding, it is not an essential part of the wedding planning process.

If you do feel that wedding announcements are necessary, expect to spend anywhere between $50 and $150 for about 50 announcements from a professional printer with a custom design. However, it is possible to purchase prepackaged wedding announcement cards that have spaces for you to fill in the information. These premade cards average between $5 and $10 for a package of six or eight. An excellent idea is to use any leftover paper or invitation materials for the announcements if you made the original invitations.

When you are preparing your wedding be sure to keep in mind the difference between wedding invitations and wedding announcements. The main difference is that wedding invitations inform your guests that they are invited to the wedding and wedding announcements are sent out after the wedding. These announcements inform family and friends that did not attend the ceremony that you are now married.

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