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'Roo Lori's Ask a RooQ:  My fiancé and I both have children. We’d like to include them in our wedding ceremony and possibly on our wedding invitations. Any suggestions?  — Mandy from OH

A:  You are in luck! There are actually quite a few unique ways that you can include your children on “the big day”. Here are a few ideas:

  • Present each child with a special gift in honor of the day, such as jewelry or an engraved picture frame. You may also want each to have a special corsage or boutonniere to wear, whether they participate in the ceremony or not. Small gestures can mean a lot!
  • Include your children in the bridal party as flower girls, ring bearers, attendants or readers.
  • Invite your children up front to join you for a special family candle-lighting ceremony (in place of the more traditional unity candle) or a family sand ceremony. This can be a sweet expression of the families’ union.
  • Include your children in your vows and/or exchange special vows with them after you’ve exchanged vows with each other. Note: If you are going to go this route, I’d suggest checking with each child to make sure they are comfortable with this option before proceeding. Let’s face it, there are times when children, especially an older child, may not be completely thrilled by this new union and may not want to participate quite this much. Also, some children may simply feel uncomfortable speaking in front of a crowd.
  • Invite your children up front to join you near the end of the ceremony. Have the officiant address each child by name and share a short, sweet message with them. Then, once the officiant pronounces you husband and wife, he/she may also announce your new family.

I think it’s sweet that you want to include your children on your wedding invitation! I like this idea, but I would suggest keeping it as simple as possible. Here are two different wording options that I like…


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