Wedding Cake – Do’s and Dont’s

Your wedding cake is a figure of beauty and deliciousness. You want your cake to stand out to your guests not just the aesthetics of the cake but the taste as well. It’s easy for you and your honey to get caught up in all the latest trends and want a little bit of everything thrown together. So before you make any decisions we suggest you take a peek at our little do’s and dont’s list.

Do this:

Know what you want
Take ideas to your bakery. Whether it’s a copy of your invitation that includes a filigree design you want replicated on each tier. Or the shade of coral that they just have to get right for the gum paste flowers. The more information and inspiration you can give your baker the better. After all they don’t have a way of knowing that your definition of coral is a lot darker than theirs until it’s too late.

Make it your own
Make not just the look but the flavors your own, it is your wedding. Unless you are certain that 30 guests are allergic to chocolate, go ahead and have an all chocolate cake. Don’t worry about what a handful of people do or do not like, it’s ultimately up to you as to what you’d like to eat. Offering a different flavor for each tier is a nice (and possibly costly) compromise but not necessary.

Trust your baker.
Of course knowledge is never a bad thing and it’s a perfectly good idea to do some homework on how different designs are created and recipes made. However, if your baker tells you something you want is going to be incredibly hard to pull of or just flat out won’t work listen to them with an open mind. They’re the professional and chances are they have good reason to turn down a request. Remember they are in this with you. Most decorators want to please you and will work with you on a compromise.

Don’t do this:

Overly mix and match your style.
If you want a trendy multicolored topsy turvy style cake your grandmothers cake topper may look our of place balancing on top. Keep in mind the entire look when planning everything out. The cake table is typically beautifully decorated in a way to accent and flatter the cake. So if your look is eclectic, we applaud you just proceed with caution you don’t want everything to clash.

Choose a ton of bright colors
The thing about those super vivid hot pinks and blues, is that the decorators use a lot of food dye. It can prove difficult to make bright colors taste good. Food dye is rather bitter and using a lot of it can in turn make whatever is receiving the dye job not very tasty. Also keep in mind it is food dye, it can and will stain and dye things as in your guests lips, and your dress. So be careful. We are definitely not trying to discourage against some color, just try to not go overboard with color. Nobody loves piped on hot pink cherry blossoms more than we do!

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