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Almost six whole months of wedded bliss have passed and I’m still cleaning up and packing away wedding decor.  Maybe that’s not something I should readily admit, but it’s true.  So much preparation goes into creating the perfect day and, afterward, relaxation is a wonderful reward.  Also, we’ve been quite busy as newlyweds, looking for a new home, organizing our lovely gifts, and enjoying normalcy as husband and wife.

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In keeping with my HN article last month, I wanted to explore various ways to reuse some of our wedding day supplies.  Mason jar wedding decor has been trending for quite some time now… but where do they all go after the big day has come and gone?  I’ve gathered a few of my favorite home uses for these beloved glass beauties below:



  • Serve drinks.
  • Keep dishwasher tabs at hand.
  • Store dry goods like rice, candy, or even dog treats.


And just for fun, I’m sharing an easy-peasy 5 minute DIY tip…

easy to do diy - color code your keys with nail polish

After fumbling around for a few months with matching home and work keys, I finally took a few minutes to color code them with a couple of my favorite nail colors.  Yep, just nail polish.  It’s so easy.  Now I have cheery keys that never get confused.

Any projects keeping you busy right now?

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