Truly Unique and Even Unusual Wedding Ideas

Everyone wants their wedding to be uniquely their own.  We all want our guests to have a good time and remember your wedding as more than just another day they had to dress up last summer.  While your wedding may be the biggest day of your life and a big deal to those closest to you, there is a good chance it is one of many your guests will attend as well, guests. Of course all your guests want to share in your special day and will be grateful to be asked to do so, but why not give them something out of the ordinary to remember?  A simple search yields hundreds of sites claiming to have unique wedding ideas.  Here are a few of the more unique, and even unusual.

Take one and run with it and make it truly your own.

Unique Wedding Favors

Candy filled favors are a time honored tradition at weddings.  More and more couples are choosing to get a little more personal with their choices.  Themes often make it easy especially because you can get nearly anything personalized these days. A play on the classic edible favors is to use actual food instead of candy.  How about a gourmet barbeque sauce with customized labels?  Or maybe something related to the ethnicity of the couple that guests may not normally get to enjoy.  And as always there are plenty of customizable containers that make the traditional candy favors a little more unique and can be used by your guests around their homes.

Looking to step even further out of the ordinary?  Try giving guests each a lottery ticket with a note about how “lucky” you are to have them there to share your day.  Be sure to specify that all winnings should be split with the happy couple!

Biodegradable paper cards with plant seeds embedded have become a pretty popular item.  They are a great way for your friends to have a lasting memory of your special day in their garden and excellent for an Eco themed wedding.  Disposable cameras that guests turn in at the end of the reception have also become popular to help capture those candid moments a photographer may miss.

Going with the theme of the season can also be a great idea.  How about snowflake themed favors (and maybe decorations?) or beach balls for the children (and adults!) in summer?  The possibilities really are endless and are only limited by your imagination.

Typing a favorite quote of the couple onto paper and laminating it into a bookmark or using it on some other favor can also be a nice, personal touch.

Unique Cake Ideas

The traditional white several tiered cake is still a very beautiful choice.  Colored accents and flowers make them easily customizable to your tastes.  Changing the coloring or even the shape can be a great way to add a unique splash to your reception.

If you have a theme, carry it through with the cake.  Have it shaped like a heart or doves or maybe a flower pot for an Eco wedding.

The cake topper can also present an option to be a little different.  There are so many whimsical toppers available widely now or you can use an everyday item that reflects something the two of you love.  Scour party stores and online for cake toppers that aren’t necessarily for weddings and see what you find!