Top 10 Wedding Cake Trends

1. Flavored Cakes. Believe it or not, but chocolate cake is becoming more popular than the traditional white or yellow cake. Other popular flavors include carrot, coconut, mocha, tiramisu, lemon, strawberry, red velvet, and cheesecake.

2. Frostings infused with unusual flavors like amaretto, champagne, hazelnut, Kahlua, mocha, rum, strawberry cream, etc.

3. Frostings with a lustrous opalescent or pearlescent finish.

4. Cakes featuring a charming whimsy of wild, vivid colors, out of the ordinary shapes and off kilter tiers.

5. Different flavors of cake, fillings and icings for each layer of the cake. However, keep in mind that variety is expensive, so if on are on a budget, stick to one flavor for all layers.

6. A smaller, ornately decorated cake for the cake cutting ceremony and plainer, individual cakes for the guests. You could also have a tower of cupcakes for the guests that coordinate with the cutting cake.

7. Cakes decorated with fresh flowers and greenery. However, keep in mind that fresh flowers are often treated with insecticides and pesticides as well as chemicals to keep them fresh longer. Some flowers and greenery may be harmful if ingested, so make your selections carefully. Make sure all inedible flowers are removed from the cake before it is sliced and served, and if you have edible flowers make sure that they are chemical free.

8. Personalized Cakes. Personalization is very popular at weddings and this often extends to the cake. Couples are using their initials intertwined in icing on the cake or a monogrammed cake topper carved from a block of sugar. Some couples go as far as putting edible pictures of themselves on the cake.

9. It has been the tradition to save the top layer of the wedding cake by freezing it and eating it on your first anniversary. However, this idea sounds better than it tastes. Many couples are choosing to celebrate their first anniversary with a cake made in the same flavor as their wedding cake. And it tastes better too!

10. Incorporating a personal hobby or interest into your cake. For example, if you and your fiancé enjoy the beach, have an ocean themed cake decorated with chocolate or sugared candies shaped like fish and shells.

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