To Rent or To Buy?

Finding the perfect wedding dress is one of most important and exciting for a bride to check off her list. But what happens once you find “the one”? Do you buy or rent it?

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Choose to Rent: Selecting to rent your wedding dress comes with its advantages and disadvantages. The most notable advantage to renting your wedding dress is that you can save hundreds, and even thousands of dollars. The money you save can give you extra spending money for your wedding, honeymoon, or give you a head start saving for that dream home you and your soon-to-be-husband have been eying.
Not only do you save money, but since you aren’t buying the dress, you can walk down the aisle in a designer dress for a fraction of the cost that a typical wedding dress would sell for.

Some disadvantages of renting is that you may have to give a large amount down as a damage deposit should anything happen to the dress and force you to return it in a flawed condition. This means that any small mishaps, like a wine stain or small rip can cost you much more than anticipated. Another disadvantage is that there will most likely be some limitations as to how much you can alter the dress. For those brides who are petite or often have to have their clothing altered, this can be a factor that would cause them to purchase a dress rather than rent one. Additionally, wedding dress rental stock can be limited while stores that sell dresses can order the size, style, and colors exactly to your specifications.
Lastly, if you choose to rent a wedding dress, it is important to note that the gown may have already been worn multiple times.

Cost: $250-$1000 on Average.
Alterations: Minimal.
Availability: 1-5 days before event (and must be sent back within the next 2 days, on average).
Wear: Could have been worn 0-5 times before by different brides.

Choose to Buy:
Many brides choose to purchase their own wedding dresses for many reasons. One of them is that they have the freedom to do as many alterations as necessary to ensure that the dress fits the bride like a glove. The ability to have unlimited alterations done to the dress is usually important to brides who have body shapes that do not normally fit into average dress sizes (for instance, larger bust, hips, or even a smaller waist).
Another reason that a bride would choose to purchase her dress is to continue a tradition. Many mothers like to hand their wedding dress down to their daughters so they can either wear them or incorporate them into a new dress (like their bouquet or repurpose it for a religious event, like a christening).
While styles and trends may come and go, some brides like to keep their dresses to have on display as well — a wonderful memento to cherish for years to come!

Although purchasing your wedding dress has many advantages, there are a few disadvantages. The most obvious, and the reason that some brides choose to rent, is that you will have to spend more money than it would cost to rent one. This gap can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands depending on the intricacy and brand name of the dress. For brides on a budget who want to purchase their own dress, there is the option to select a pre-owned dress. This will allow them the perks of saving money off of a brand new dress along with the luxury of being able to keep it.
Buying Pre-Owned:
Cost: $150-$1000 on Average.
Alterations: Unlimited.
Availability: Immediately.
Wear: May or may not have been worn before.

Buying New:
Cost: $400-$3500 on Average.
Alterations: Unlimited.
Availability: Immediately.
Wear: Never worn before.

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