Tips for Groom – Part 3

  • Give him the wheel- let your groom choose the wedding day transportation and put him I charge of booking it. Make sure he covers transportation for the entire wedding party to and from all events on your wedding day
  • Trust his fashion sense- The two of you should discuss limitations of course but give him free reign over choosing his attire and the attire of his groomsmen. It is your husband to be’s wedding as well and he should get to make the choices that involve him.
  • Take advantage of his local knowledge- Ask your groom to make a list of local hotspots and attractions for out of town guests. Ask him to include a little something for everyone. He can even put a copy I all of the welcome kits.
  • Let him register for his gadgets- More and more people are registering for no traditional wedding gifts these days. Let your man choose a big screen TV, computer or other gadgets the two of you could use to put on your registry.
  • Use his computer prowess- Ask your soon to be husband to create a slide show presentation for the two of you to show your guests at your reception. Have him include pictures of the two of yo as children and pictures of the different stages of your relationship.
  • Keep him in the loop- Don’t overwhelm you soon to be husband with constant wedding updates. Schedule regular update meetings and try to keep major wedding discussions limited to those meetings. Ask for his input on any decisions that need to be made and as time goes on he will get more and more involved in the planning of your wedding and the related events.
  • Don’t force it- If you just can’t get your man interested in all the little details it doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to marry you. Make sure you know what is important to him and his absolute do s and don’t s and go from there. Get his input on decisions but don’t force him to do tasks he really doesn’t want to do. Check with him before you schedule his tux fitting and delight in being able to plan your wedding your way.


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