Thinking Of A ‘Green’ Wedding?

Environmentally Friendly Strategies Abound

Couples are ‘going green’ more and more these days, when planning weddings or arranging honeymoon travel that is eco-friendly. Environmentally friendly wedding planning strategies can include anything from Affordable Wedding Invitations created and delivered in digital format to creating and preparing DIY wedding invitations. From organic catering to renting hybrid limousines, planning a green wedding can be easily accomplished with the right planning and environmentally conscious resources available in most communities.

Tips On Green Wedding Planning

  • Affordable Wedding Invitations—communicating digitally has become deeply embedded in our culture in the 21st century. Digital wedding invitations save paper, postage and the environment. Creating DIY wedding invitations on recycled paper is another option for those holdouts who want to go the traditional route and send printed thermographic or letterpress invitations through the mail.
  • Location, Location, Location—choosing natural outdoor environments to hold wedding ceremonies has become not only chic but eco-friendly. Many couples are opting for beach weddings, gorgeous nature preserves, even their own backyards. Plus, when you keep the nuptials local, you often save on transportation costs and pollutants, not to mention, lowering overall pollution levels by keeping heating or cooling energies required in large ballrooms out of the equation.
  • The Bridal Gown—a wise eco-friendly and cost-effective choice, many brides are choosing to buy (or rent) a pre-owned wedding or vintage gown. Other brides-to-be who seek a custom made gown may opt to have one fashioned out of natural fibers such as organically grown cotton, silk, or hemp, staying away from synthetic materials and harsh chemical dyes.
  • Catering—going organic is definitely the way to go for the environmentally conscious bride and groom’s wedding dinner, even the wedding cake, and far healthier too. Organic wines, pesticide-free meats, wild caught fish and vegetarian dishes have become very popular at green weddings.
  • The Bridal Limousine—one of our favorite categories, rent an eco-chic stretch hybrid limo. Better yet, for an exceedingly romantic touch, rent a horse and buggy.
  • Flowers—look for a florist who recycles or replants everything. Some brides are even choosing potted plants for ceremony decorations, instead of cut flower arrangements. Dinner table centerpieces can include living plants, dried flowers, candles or goldfish!
  • Leaving the Reception—bubbles, birdseed, biodegradable rice, even freeze dried flower petals from your florist make for lovely, unique and certainly eco-friendly confetti as the bride and groom leave the reception festivities.
  • The Digital Photographer—choose a photographer that uses digital film and processing (nearly all these days) but who also sends ‘proofs’ digitally for online selection. This saves the earth from unnecessary harsh chemicals, wasted paper and film.
  • The Honeymoon—eco-friendly trips such as camping, lodges or horseback riding excursions into the wilds make for a fun honeymoon without all the expense and electricity required in energy-guzzling resorts.
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