Themed Weddings—Part 2

Medical Match-Up

In Part 2 of our themed weddings series, we offer an example of creating a wedding design theme around a particular profession. This can be any profession, of course, from accountants to lawyers to nurses and doctors. In this case we will share ideas for couples in the medical profession, profiling lively common medical graphics that both professionals and patients alike will recognize. For starters, arriving at the reception in an ambulance instead of a limousine can set an exciting tone, as well as using Wedding Toasting Flutes that say “Bottoms Up” with a syringe engraved below your names. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate a medical theme, from sending photo wedding invitations with the happy couple dressed in scrubs to wedding mints in the shape of band-aids.

Decorative Ideas

Of course, building on a medical theme can be easy and fun without it dominating the elegance of a wedding. You can integrate fun phrases such as “healing hearts” throughout your tableware, including wedding toasting flutes, if the bride or groom is a cardiologist. Or, if one of the happy couple is an emergency medical technician, you can create a wide variety of party favors, napkins and wedding scrolls around a stethoscope theme or ambulance.

Even cake toppers can get in the act. One of the cutest cake topper in recent memory shows the bride dressed in full nursing uniform regalia dragging the groom bandaged behind her. You can use any graphic that represents both your medical profession and unique personalities on such items as decorate glassware, photo wedding invitations, place cards, seals and labels, and more.

Fabulously Fun Food Items

Shaping fun food items is another excellent way to continue the medical profession theme throughout your wedding. Cookies baked in the shape of the stethoscope, even a first-aid kit shaped cookie with a red cross on white frosting can continue the simplest representation throughout. Plus, you can incorporate whichever medical graphic you choose on the wedding scroll announcement, place cards and the like. The cake itself can serve as its own graphic display, set off with the cake topper. Even menu selections can include healthy food choices with calories listed, along with fun descriptions to stay robust throughout a lifetime of bliss.