Themed Weddings—Part 1

The Sky (Or The Ocean) Is the Limit

Themed weddings have become very popular in recent years although with their popularity predictability has also crept in. This series will discuss some unique themes, offer tips on elegant yet Affordable Wedding Invitations, as well as suggest creative and unusual decorations, menu cards, save-the-date magnets and more.

In the first of our 2-part series, we expand the popular beach theme to the ocean itself. Ideal for avid scuba divers and snorkelers, marine biologists and fishermen, even surfers and stand-up paddle boarders, an ocean theme can truly reflect the happy couple’s love of their ocean-loving personalities.

Affordable Wedding Invitations

Coordinating your marine theme beginning with affordable wedding invitations can be easily accomplished with the Sea of Love wedding motif. Further, if you plan on having your reception in an unusual location like a yacht, you might even select our matching Sea of Love reception and direction cards to include with your invitations as well. In addition, you may want to choose specific colors and inks that render a deep marine blue or green plant life to reinforce your overall theme.

Matchless Centerpieces

Whether having your reception on board a ship or in an elegant dining room on land, you can create unusual and fun centerpieces well beyond the predictable floral arrangement. For example, some couples have chosen a singular beta fish swimming in its own bowl, resting on a bed of starfish confetti. Others have selected a trio of miniature surfboards carved out of balsa wood, stylishly displayed resting on a crest of wave.

From Menu Items To Ocean Music

Included in your planning around a marine theme will be what to choose for your reception dinner and background music while guests relax and enjoy the festivities. An entrée of fish is a must but you may want to also select a ‘turf and surf’ option for meat lovers, as well as a vegetarian option that includes edible plant life from the sea. Unique background music selections while guests are dining can include gentle surf sounds, whales communicating to one another and dolphin chatter in the background.

Overall, the pleasure in choosing a marine theme that personally reflects a passion the happy couple shares offers limitless possibilities in creating a wedding and reception you and your guests will never forget.