The Wedding Website

What Are Their Advantages?

More and more couples are establishing a dedicated website to coordinate all their wedding affairs, keeping guests informed about events of the day. From bridal registry information to the engagement party, rehearsal dinner and the wedding itself, all details can be effectively coordinated through one central source. In fact, Digital Wedding Invitations have now been added to The American Weddings line-up of unique and trendy invitation choices. You can choose from colorful blue or pink wedding invitations in a variety of styles and designs, and much more.

Of course, once digital wedding invitations are selected you can even have the RSVP responses received through the website, creating a current and accurate count of all who plan to attend. It is a highly efficient way to keep track of rehearsal dinner RSVP’s, bachelor and bachelorette party invitation RSVP’s, and more.

Advantages and Features Of A Wedding Website

Beyond the tremendous RSVP advantage of a wedding website, creating an easily accessible gift registry list on your site can be very helpful for guests. You can include stores with links to click on from your site, as well as show individual gift items with pictures and price ranges for easy gift selection. Plus, most sites offer a feature that shows if a gift has been selected (though not by whom) and whether you need one more place setting of your flatware to complete the set, for example. It’s helpful for both the happy couple and invited guests alike.

Wedding Website Efficiency and Price

Most wedding websites are easy to set up and inexpensive to maintain. Nearly all host providers offer step-by-step instructions on getting started. You can typically add more content on current events leading up to the special day and some brides even start a wedding blog to keep family and friends updated. Many providers offer special features such as background music or page add-ons, while others have social media links facilitating information and tip exchange with other brides planning their own weddings.

Wedding Vendors

Wedding vendors can also get in the act, providing pertinent feedback and details about your order through a separate section on your site. Updates concerning progress about your floral order, catering options yet to narrow down, even choosing specific music playlists from the DJ you’ve hired, all help expedite the business of wedding planning.

Finally, wedding websites can be helpful once the wedding has come and gone and you’re back from the honeymoon. Posting photographer links with package options and scene selections from your special day can easily be posted on your site for family and friends to choose from. All in all, setting up a dedicated website just makes good sense when planning a wedding, serving as a central information system for brides, grooms and guests.