The Wedding Color That is “Mint” for 2013

The color for 2013 is undoubtedly going to be mint. Mint is pretty much a pastel sure, but; don’t let this hue fool you. Mint is sure to be a refreshing choice for the fashion forward bride. Yet, subtle enough for the traditional gal who wishes to stay up to date.

Mint isn’t the first shade of green you think of when you think of a green color option for a wedding. Sage and Emerald are the go to colors for weddings. But, mint, with its calm cool self can definitely help re-define what it means to be green.  It will be a breeze for you to take this cool color and add your personal twist to really rev up the hue.

When you choose your wedding colors, it’s important to remember that they don’t have to appear everywhere. Because mint is somewhat considered a “trendy color” this year, many brides will likely choose to add pops of mint here and there instead of using a lot. A few years from now when you look at your wedding photos you won’t want them to appear outdated so quickly.

An obvious and more subtle idea would be to give actual breath mints out as favors. You wouldn’t have to select ones in the mint green color. So long as the packaging is colored mint green. Have your names and date printed on them and of course add the phrase “mint to be”

You could make them yourself if you have the time or purchase them from a company already assembled.

Your jewelry selection is also another place where you can showcase your desire to use mint green as a wedding color. This is a terrific choice for the bride who doesn’t want to overdue the use of this soon to be popular hue. This is also a good idea for the bride who won’t settle for the typical jewelry options. No simple strand of pearls for you. Consider long dangling earrings with mint colored faux gems? A large statement necklace with color blocking in mint and white gold.

The bar is another place to add your touch of mint. Many couples choose to have a signature cocktail. You could offer your own spin on this by speaking with your bartender about coming up with something for your guests to sip on.  Having a signature cocktail created to be the color mint is an option, or for the less obvious option just have it flavored mint. Also a terrific option for a summertime wedding a cool refreshing mint flavored beverage will help you beat the heat.

Your wedding bouquet would look wonderful with stems of eucalyptus added in it, or placed in tall glass vases through-out the ceremony. This beautiful fragrant plant is a gorgeous option and could be carried along with other flowers or by themselves. A good idea for the bride who just doesn’t do flowers also. They come in a few different shades. Not many come in a true mint color, but several come in a pretty close hue.

If you choose to be more forward with your mint, using it in bridesmaid gowns etc. You will want to of course make sure you pick the perfect match. For spring and summer weddings we would suggest shades of mustard and hot pink. For fall and winter weddings navy and taupe would be beautiful selections.

Mint as we’ve said is sure to be a big deal this year. So whether you choose to use it a little, a lot or not at all remember that trends come and go. Weddings are meant to be fun joyous events. Be sure to have fun and make the day about you and the love of your life!