The Top Wedding Money Wasters & What to do Instead – Part 3

Food, Glorious Food – A gorgeous sit down dinner served by tuxedo clad waiters can make you feel like a princess.  Oftentimes these portions are small and your guests may not exactly be huge fans of rack of lamb or an exotic fish.  Children especially may find this boring and even tantrum worthy.

Save yourself the expense of a sit down dinner and do a buffet.  Ask your caterer if they have a local favorites menu that will usually cost $5 to $10 less per guest and include comfort foods like barbecue chicken and finger foods for kids like chicken tenders and maybe even potato wedges.  Though children may seem to be voracious eaters, chances are they will eat less than your adult guests.  If your guest list involves a number of children, ask your caterer if they will lower the cost per head for your younger guests.  Many caterers offer a discount for children, but they don’t advertise it.  Another option is to serve all appetizers and cocktails and skip the main course.  This works well as a hors d’ oeuvre and dessert reception, best timed between lunch and dinner.

Inviting Absolutely Everyone – Sure your mom’s hairdresser has been a friend of the family for years but does she really make the cut for your wedding guest list?  Think about what each guest is costing you.  Your caterer is charging per head for your meal, each guests costs a place setting, a chair/table spot, a favor, a wedding cake serving and other miscellaneous costs. Trimming your guest list is the easiest way to trim your costs.  Start with a list that includes everyone and break it into categories.  The grooms immediate family and closest friends, and the same for the bride should stay.  After that cut out entire categories at a time.

If you don’t waste money on needless things then you have more money to spend on the stuff you do need and want.  Higher quality products and services for the things you do need for your wedding outweigh spreading your wedding budget super thin so you can have absolutely everything available.  Choose options that will save you money so you can spend more of your budget on the things you absolutely must have.