The Humble Bow tie

Once upon a time, in a land far far away, men dressed up like penguins in a tux and bow tie for their weddings. Well, you aren’t your grandfather, or even your father – so why be so stuffy with your bow tie?  If you are a casual fellow who enjoys the simple things in life, why not inject a bit of whimsey, flair, and color in to your special day by choosing to be different.

The Look
For a more conservative look, you can wear a bow tie with a suit, just like you would a regular tie.
A more casual look can be obtained by ditching the jacket altogether and pairing your bow tie with matching suspenders or vest to complete the look.

bowtie look

Types of Bow ties
Depending on the look you are going for, there are quite a few different types of bow ties you can select from. Read through the descriptions below to help you choose which would fit in best with your wedding style.

The standard bow tie is 2-1/2 inches high and creates a classic shape. This bow tie width is     preferred by a majority of men and is always a good choice.

The Butterfly bow tie is 3-1/2 inches high. It’s the equivalent of a “Big and Tall” size, and looks     best on men with larger neck sizes and bigger faces and chins. If you’re going for a retro 70s     style, this is the one to choose.

The pointed ends of a Diamond Point bow tie add an interesting dimension to this variation on  the standard width. If you’re looking for a trustworthy choice and some additional pizzazz, this is a good option.

Often referred to as a “bat wing” tie, the 1-1/2 inch Slim bow tie has a great personality, and     tends to work best with small patterns and solid colors. The bat wing suits men with     narrower faces and small collar sizes.

Slim Diamond
For a totally charming silhouette on a smaller man, consider the Slim Diamond Point – a     variation on the Slim bat wing width.

bowtie types

Types of Fasteners
Whether your an old pro at tying one on, or a newbie with this sort of thing, you can easily find an appropriate type of fastener to fit your ability. The three types of fasteners listed below are widely available from many manufacturers and websites.

Self Tie
If you tie your own bow, this is the option you want.

The bow is attached to an adjustable strap based on your neck size. A discreet hook and eye     closure behind the bow secures the strap around your collar and keeps your tie neatly in place.     (This is often a very good choice for those who don’t know how to tie a bow.)

The bow has two sturdy clips on the back. All you need to do is attach the clips to your collar,     and your tie is there to stay. (This is often a very good choice for boys’ bow ties.)


Where to find them?
There are an abundance of websites that offer a large selection of bow ties, do a search and have a look around. To get you started I’ll share a couple of my favorites sites below:
This site offers a variety of styles and color choices, with a range of prices that will fit your budget.

The Tie Bar
This site offers a huge variety of styles and color choices. You can search by material, style, pattern or type – this is my go to site for browsing bow ties.

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