The Grand Exit

Gone are the days of tossing rice at couples as they depart. Many venues don’t even allow rice tossing any longer. Here are some fun alternatives to that tradition. Just be sure to clear them with the reception venue before deciding on an exit.
Substitute birdseed – Seed will have the same symbolism as rice, but will be safer for the birds and other animals in the area.
Bridal bubbles – Bubbles reflect light in some fun colors and will make for really pretty pictures if your photographer gets lucky with light or is experienced in taking pictures with bubbles.
Get silly – Silly string is a fun way for your guests to send you off in style. You may want to do this after the reception not after the wedding as the color from silly string may stain. You will want to get the dress off as soon as possible to deal with any lingering silly string.
Use your environment – If you had a destination wedding at a ski resort use the chair lift to make your exit. If you had a beach wedding use a sail boat. This makes for unique and beautiful pictures.
Party poppers – The party poppers traditionally used for things like new years have become popular for sending wedding couples off on their honeymoons. Get poppers filled with silver streamers for a classy look.
Streaming ribbons – Many bridal shops and craft stores sell ribbons attached to wands for your guests to wave. They save lots of cleanup and still provide for beautiful pictures.
Take it to the skies – Room permitting, a couple can arrange to make their exit via helicopter or hot air balloon.
Confetti – Confetti in fun shapes would be perfect for a proper send off. Wedding confetti is available at most craft stores or you can make your own. Confetti poppers can be used or your guests can toss it by hand.

No matter how you make your exit be sure to make one so your guests aren’t left wondering if you have left. If the party is still going be sure to announce that your guests should feel free to stay to eat, drink and dance.

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