Thank You Cards As Important As Wedding Invitations

Showing Gratitude For Gifts And Attendance

There are many details to keep track of when planning a wedding. The big day arrives, the honeymoon has come and gone and through all the excitement, it is easy to feel less urgency in sending out thank you notes. As part of their Wedding Stationery, some couples choose to match thank you cards with their wedding invitations. While this definitely adds a delightful touch, of greater importance is following a courteous protocol in thanking your guests for the lovely gifts you have received in a timely fashion, as well as gratitude for their sharing your special day.

Thank You Card Protocol

The tips below will help you organize and accomplish sending notes of gratitude on your wedding stationary, whether using actual thank you cards or sheet paper that matches your wedding invitations, as follows:

  • Personalize your thank you note with a handwritten message. If you choose to order printed thank you cards, always add a note in your own handwriting as well.
  • Besides guests and gift-givers, send thank you notes to all the individuals who helped with the wedding such as bridesmaids, groomsmen, parents, the ceremony official (pastor or priest), and any others who helped.
  • Always send notes of appreciation for all gifts, no matter how small or whether you liked it or not. It is the thought that counts, not the gift itself!
  • Thank guests for monetary gifts as well as physical gifts, but don’t mention the dollar amount in the note you send. Some couples even like to share what they are planning to use the financial gift for when starting their lives together, which adds an endearing personal touch.
  • When receiving gifts (whether monetary of physical) from 10 people or less (as in a work department or social group you belong to), always send thank you notes to each person individually. If 10 or more have participated, send and/or post (sometimes this can be digitally sent) to the group, making an effort to thank each individual in person, as time allows.
  • Overall, time is of the essence when sending thank you sentiments. If you receive a gift prior to the actual ceremony, send a thank you within a week after you have received it. All other gifts received at the wedding should be followed by thank you notes sent either a week after the ceremony or, if honeymooning, two weeks after your return.
  • Send separate thank you notes if you receive multiple gifts from the same person(s) such as items from a wedding shower and the wedding itself.

Finally, staying on top of this wedding detail in a timely fashion is just as important as all the other plans you will make for the big day. Be extending your gratitude expeditiously on your wedding stationary or note cards, guests will feel that much more acknowledged for their generosity and effort, however large or small.