Taboo or Not Taboo? What Wedding No-Nos are Outdated and Which Ones Still Apply

We have all heard how taboo it is for anyone but a virgin getting married for the first time to wear a white wedding dress.  Thankfully that outdated tradition has been out to rest.  Here is a guide to common wedding taboos and accepted practices, which ones are still worth observing and which have been rightfully kicked to the curb.

All dressed in white. Any bride can wear white.  If white looks good on you and you want a white dress go ahead and wear it.  Be it your first wedding or second, whether you are marrying your high school sweetheart or blending two complete families, go ahead and wear the white dress you have always dreamed of wearing.  Another taboo is for anyone but the bride to wear a white dress.  This is commonly accepted as being the wrong thing to do. With more and more brides wearing color, this rule is harder to enforce.  If a bride wears a blue dress should you still not wear white?  Is everyone then prohibited from wearing blue?  The best rule is to be reasonable.  Refrain from wearing white regardless of the color gown the bride will be wearing.  Keep in mind everyone attending the wedding will know who the bride is.  All eyes will be on her no matter what other guests may wear.  If you are a guest try not to wear white or the color the bride will be wearing.  If you are the bride try not to get stressed over what each of your guests wears.  It is your day and much more important than the attire of one third cousin.

Face the music. Since the bride and groom are more likely than not hiring the DJ, it is tempting to tell him or her that “we only like country music” or “we only like soft rock”.  Avoid only playing the music you want to hear.  Your guests are coming from far and wide to celebrate your special day.  Give your DJ a list of must play songs and songs to avoid but keep it brief.  Remember you hired your DJ to entertain your guests and they can only do that if you give them room to do their job.  Avoid sitting older guests too close to the music.  Make sure you have an area where the music isn’t as loud for people to sit and talk.

Time is of the essence. It may feel like all you have done recently is hurry to meet schedules and handle last minute details so the last thing you want to do is rush around on your wedding day.  You will want to make sure you are on time to the reception, however.  Also make sure some sort of food is being served at the start of your reception.  Even if you are just serving appetizers during the cocktail hour, your guests will appreciate it.  Many of your guests will have planned their mealtimes on the day of your wedding around the schedule you have laid out and some may not have had time to eat at all earlier in the day.  They are your guests and it is rude to keep them waiting. Your wedding day may feel like a long day and will probably leave you pretty tired.  You do not want to leave your reception early no matter how tired you are.  Your guests are there to celebrate with you.  On the same token you want to know in advance what the charges are if you stay at the venue longer than planned.  You will also want to know what your entertainment and photographer will charge for any extra time spent at your reception.

Smell the roses. Years ago having silk flowers in your wedding bouquets or as centerpieces was a major faux pas, but no longer.  Thankfully silk flowers are a less expensive and now widely used and accepted alternative to fresh flowers in many aspects of weddings.  So go ahead and make your own centerpieces in advance or design your own bridal bouquet that you can cherish forever.

Black is back. It was once considered wrong to wear a black dress to a wedding as black was said to be reserved for funerals.  Just as more colored clothing is being seen at funerals as they become more of a celebration of life, so is more black being seen at weddings.  Try some bright accessories or a dress that has other colors besides black in it if you are still uncomfortable wearing all black to a wedding.

Rice is not nice. The tradition of throwing rice at a wedding is deeply rooted in several cultures. In reality; however, many venues don’t want rice thrown on their property.  In addition to being messy to clean, rice can be a slipping hazard and a choking and dietary hazard to some wildlife in the area.  Try having guests blow bubbles instead.  Bubbles are a fun alternative and they set the mood for some great pictures.  Some couples now throw birdseed.  This ensures that the local birds can safely handle the cleanup.

Your wedding can be anything you want it to be. There is no need to conform to what is popular or faux pas.  As long as you are considerate to your guests and are careful not to insult anyone, go ahead and do what makes you happy.