Sweets for the Sweet

Here is an ideal and fun way for any bride to convey her affection for her attendants. Spend an afternoon with “just the girls” and let them know how much you appreciate their participation in your wedding plans.

In the early twentieth century a different type of party gained popularity — it was called the Chocolataire. The menu included chocolate candies, chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream!

Why not treat your attendants to an updated version, and have nothing but chocolate desserts to munch on! Let your sweet tooth be your guide, and let that inner chocoholic out into the open.

Keep the decor simple by using white lace, or linen table coverings. Blooms from red roses floating in clear glass containers will be all the flowers you will need, except for one long stem chocolate rose at each place setting for every guest. These edible roses are available at gourmet thod stores that specialize in desserts.

For a special touch, you may want to shop the flea markets and resale stores for unique, one of a kind china tea cups and saucer sets. Purchase one for each attendant, and have them on the tables when they arrive. Be sure to have hot chocolate and any of the chocolate flavored coffees that are available to serve for refreshments. Let the girls know that the tea cups and saucers are for them to take home as a thank you gift.

Tiered serving trays piled high with dark, milk and white chocolates, fudge, brownie squares, chocolate covered cherries and chocolate truffles will be the main course. If you have access to a fondue pot, melt milk chocolate in the pot and let your guests dip fresh strawberries, marshmallows, pineapple chunks and sliced bananas. YUM! For the guests watching their waist line, they can eat the fruit without the chocolate — bummer!

For the “dessert,” serve chocolate pie, chocolate cupcakes, chocolate ice cream or chocolate mousse. After that, serve everyone a night cap of crème de cacao! Take the time to savor each and every silky morsel as well as the wonderful friendships you have in your life.

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