Skin Care Tips – Part 2

Now that the “how to take care of the inside” has been established it’s time for you to deliberate and decide on what type of skin you have. Is it on the oily side? Dry all the time? Super sensitive? Even if it is all of the above, we have some tips for you.

Cleanser: We use cleansers to remove things from our skin such as makeup and excess dirt and oil. For oily skin try avoiding the thick lotion like cleansers. Try something of a more liquid soap type formula. Drier skin will work better with a super thick creamy cleanser. If you have sensitive skin you should try to purchase cleansers with little to no color and little to no fragrances as well. Do not rub excessively hard and rinse with just plain old water.

Toner: No matter your skin type try to avoid using toners that contain a high amount of alcohol. This can actual block the impurities from lifting out of your skin. It also as we all know has a tendency to dry out even the moistest skin. Choose something with AHA’s (alpha hydroxy acids) to cleanse your skin. Again for all skin types avoid all the added extra dyes and fragrances, your skin doesn’t need them. When using toner always use a new clean cotton pad.

Exfoliate: You must exfoliate in order to keep your skin even and soft. Exfoliation also adds in unclogging your pores. No matter your skin type you’ll want a grainy scrub and you should use it about every other day. Different additives are better for different types of skin. Apricot scrubs aid in fighting acne-prone skin. Almond scrubs are terrific for dry/sensitive skin. When scrubbing, pay special attention to the T-zone area. Always rinse thoroughly with plain water and pat never rub dry.

Moisturizer: Moisturizers can be a little bit tricky. We generally think why moisturize skin that is naturally oily. But if you use an oil free lotion with SPF during the day it will actually prevent break-outs. For drier skin the key is not so much in how much moisturizer you put on but that the quality of the moisturizer is thick enough for your skin actually drinks it up. We’ll say it again, be sure to always use a moisturizer with an SPF.

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