Skin Care Tips – Part 1

One of the keys to a beautiful wedding day look is beautiful skin. Not all of us have been blessed with that flawless airbrushed look skin we see on the faces of brides in magazines. So it is important to have a healthy beauty routine. One that you know you can follow. It is equally important to know what each step does and why it is important to your beauty health. So let’s go ahead and start with the most obvious steps.

Water: You knew we were going to say this. It’s one of the most basic rules. Hydrated skin is typically more healthy skin period. If you aren’t used to drinking a lot of water start as soon as you can. Start by slowly adding in an extra glass of water each day for a week at a time. Keep this up until you have increased the amount to eight glasses each day.

Diet: Yes, we have come very far from the days where we thought that eating greasy food and chocolate would break us out. Of course healthy food begets healthy skin just like with the water suggestion above. Foods that are rich in vitamins will help keep your body healthy eliminating the amount of toxins inside.

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