Brita + John: Brunch at Tiffany’s

Brita and John’s story is a tale of two traveling salespeople and the love that kept them together.

Brita + John married on the beach in Tulum, MX

These long-time lovebirds met in 2002 selling medical devices and officially started dating in 2003. Brita lived in Pittsburgh and John lived in Cleveland at the time, so they endured a 3-year long distance relationship until John moved to Pittsburgh in 2005. In 2007, a unbelievable job opportunity whisked Brita away to Chicago, and John rendezvoused with her there a year later.

On December 3, 2010, Brita’s birthday weekend, John surprised her with a pearl necklace from Tiffany’s and the promise of brunch and spa treatments. He claimed there had been a different Tiffany’s necklace that she might prefer, and that he’d had trouble deciding. John slyly suggested that they pop into Tiffany’s on the way to brunch. They peeped into the storefront first, and something caught the birthday girl’s eye: a note that said “Brita – Let’s live the good life. Love, John”. Perplexed, she didn’t know what was afoot until John went down on one knee and proposed! He then led Brita into the store, where the staff was waiting for them with coconut cupcakes and champagne! Afterwards, the Trump Towers spa still awaited them. Eight dozen roses adorned the room — a reflection of the 8 years they had known each other. Birthdays can’t get much better than this!

Brita + John's Palm Save the Date and Bella Wedding Invitation and Program

Brita + John decided on a destination wedding to take place in April 2013. Since they both love the seaside, they settled on Tulum, Mexico, a previous vacation spot. It was important to Brita that the wedding colors be soft, cool and beachy to match the silky sand and crisp, clear water of Tulum. She first ordered Palm Save the Dates, with Aqua and Sea Foam inks. When she came back for her invites, she loved the look of the Bella Wedding Invitation, but 1) wanted it to be layered, so she chose the DIY Square Layered Wedding Invitation, and 2) requested that the palm be incorporated as well. The result: a lovely balance of casual and elegant, with Coral, Aqua and Sea Foam inks. Brita completed the look with Bella Programs and Note Cards!


The couple hosted a Welcome Fiesta for all 75 guests the night before the wedding, at El Pez Resort at Turtle Cove. Festivities included a mariachi band, a cigar rolling station, and a gelato vendor. Everybody let loose and enjoyed each other’s company. It was the perfect “warm-up” event; after that evening, the bride and groom weren’t the least bit nervous about the following day!

Brita + John right after their ceremony on the beach.

All gathered on the beach of La Zebra Resort the next afternoon, with glowing, sun-kissed skin and equally warm smiles. Brita + John’s favorite moment was a shared one: when they first made eye contact with one another from opposite ends of the seagrass aisle. They were wed in a simple ceremony, followed by a night full of dancing and laughter with their nearest and dearest.

Brita + John canoodling on the "dance floor"

we wish B + J the best, wherever their travels might take them!

All photographs courtesy Lucas and Diego from Fine Art Studio in Mexico.

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