Pre-Wedding Panic – The Jitters, Arguments and Honest Moments of Panic Every Couple Has – Continued

Health Issues/Death in the Family Stress

People have serious health issues and deaths in the family all the time.  Sometimes it happens shortly before a wedding in the family.  If the person was a close relative or friend of the couple getting married this can raise some issues.  Usually the best way to deal with this is to do something to remember the person at the wedding.  Memorial candles and arrangements are a good choice.  A single rose can be placed where the person would have been seated at the ceremony.  The names of deceased loved ones are sometimes mentioned on the programs. No matter what you decide, you should prepare other family members for what to expect.  A wedding is often a good escape form the reality of the health issues or death in the family.  When someone has health issues it is important to do everything you can within reason to accommodate them if they still wish to attend the wedding.

Financial Stress or Sudden Financial Emergency

You have your wedding and home budget planned to the last penny with a little extra to spare, then something happens that throws it all away.  A sudden major repair on one of your cars, medical bills and home repairs are bound to happen when you least expect them to happen and when you can least afford it.  Maybe either the bride or groom lost their job.  Maybe a contributing parent backs out.  All of these can push stress over finances over the boiling point.  Take a deep breath and relax.  Sit down and re-budget.  See if there is somewhere you can pull the money from and what other expenses the sudden financial change will impose upon the two of you.  Don’t panic and start canceling vendors until you have taken a couple days to evaluate your options.  Many times if you have placed a significant deposit it would cost you more now to book someone inexpensive than to keep your original vendor.  If you really have to make some cuts talk to your vendors about cutting down packages.  Use centerpieces on every other table or replace them with candles bought in bulk.  Don’t cancel any vendors until you have found a replacement that you are sure will save you money.  If you really can’t afford a wedding at all, you want to tell everyone as soon as possible starting with the parents of the bride and groom.  Who knows maybe one of them can offer some sort of a temporary loan.  When canceling a wedding, have everyone contacted personally.  Before making the cancellations, decide if you will be postponing the nuptials altogether or just going to the justice of the peace on the originally planned day.

Attire Problems or Worries

If your wedding dress is in a stranger’s hands for alterations a few weeks before the wedding, it’s easy to start to worry.  And sometimes your worst fears come true.  As with all wedding panic situations the key is to relax and think clearly.  A dress off the rack may not have been part of your dream wedding and you may not have expected to have a huge flower covering a wine stain from your nervous mother, but who will really know besides you and the people who helped you figure out the solution?

Wedding Party or Family Bailouts

Fights with the wedding party, family and “emergency” situations arising are more common then you may think.  When it happens close to your wedding it can be hard to rearrange the flow of things.  Asking someone to fill a position at the last minute is usually a huge don’t. If the person was filling an essential role like doing a reading you may have to replace them.  Be sure to explain the situation to the replacement and stress that they are the only person you can count on to make things go smoothly at the last minute.  Then, reprint the programs, if you can, and try not to worry about it!

A few deep breaths and some tea or a piece of cake can go a long way to helping you calm your nerves when pre-wedding panic hits.  Exercise and a long bath may also help. Always focus on the reason for the wedding when the details threaten to overwhelm you.

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