Planning a Yellow Wedding

Yellow is in its very nature a sunny, bright and happy color.  Even the most pale and muted shades of yellow will add a burst of sunshine to your wedding color scheme.  Generally, the later in the evening your wedding the paler of a yellow you should use.  This week will share some other tips, ideas and inspirations to help you plan your wedding with a burst of yellow.

Themes that Pair Well with Yellow Color Palettes

What theme wouldn’t benefit from a burst of yellow? Put some yellow into your beach wedding to add a pop of color to your blues and whites.  Mix pale yellows and greens for a wedding color palette reminiscent of a field of daffodils or yellow tulips in spring. Nature themes really let yellow shine in wedding color palette.  Consider a sunflower theme, a bumblebee theme or a theme modeled after any yellow flower.  Yellow butterflies can also help create a beautiful atmosphere for your wedding reception.