Planning a Yellow Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes that are Complementary to Yellow and How to Use Them

Yellow is a versatile color and can be paired using any of its shades with most colors.  Here are some ideas for using yellow with the color of your choice.

  • Yellow and green – You would be hard pressed to find shades of yellow and green that won’t work well together.  The beauty of this color combination is that you can mix pale shades with bright shades or with other pale shades to create totally different looks.  Bright shades will also pair well and create a beautiful wedding color scheme.  Try using tall glass vases filled with lemons and limes and topping it off with flower petals in similar shades or white for a gorgeous and unique wedding reception centerpiece. Print your menus or table numbers in a pale yellow and place them in dark but bright green frames for a pop of elegant color. A simple bouquet of yellow pops in a green frosted vase also makes for a great centerpiece when using this color combination.

  • Yellow and orange – This color scheme can stand on its own or be accented by touches of a pale, almost peach pink.  White or black can also be used with this color combination if alone the colors are too bright for your tastes.  Both yellow and orange are bright, fun colors. Try placing peach and orange flowers in a short vase over pale yellow tablecloths for your wedding reception centerpieces.  Use tall vases for elegance or short ones to encourage conversations between your guests.

  • Yellow and pink – Envision a pale pink butterfly resting on the yellow flowers of your wedding reception centerpieces.  How about bright yellow flowers being carried by your bridesmaids in sassy hot pink bridal gowns? Can you picture it? This color scheme can be tweaked to fit nearly any style of bride.  From pale and elegant to bright and exciting, this color scheme is sure to help you create a wedding reception theme that you are sure to remember.

  • Yellow and blue – Most wedding color combinations that include yellow are workable with almost any shades of either color and this one is no exception.  Think outside the box and consider a pale turquoise with any shade of yellow.  Any shade of blue, from a light ice blue to a deep royal blue, will make a great pairing with yellow for your wedding ceremony and reception.  Blue is easy to incorporate into your wedding. So many companies create almost anything in blue to fit with the something borrowed something blue rhyme. Chunky turquoise jewelry to go with the pale yellow dresses that your bridesmaids are wearing creates a fun and finished look.  Pale blue pedestals holding yellow cookies, candies and cakes make for an eye catching addition to your cake table.

  • Yellow and brown – Bright canary yellow and chocolate brown will compliment the sassy bride well. Pale yellow and khaki makes for a muted and classy color scheme that goes well with Eco Chic weddings. Mocha colored pillar candles with sunshine yellow rose petals scattered in a ring around the base make for classy and simple centerpieces utilizing this wedding color scheme.

  • Yellow and red – Lush, bright red roses with yellow mums or poms make beautiful eye catching bouquets.  This color combination will work in various shades but nothing can match the appeal of bright true reds and yellows paired together. Be daring and have your wedding cake iced in red and decorated with plenty of yellow flowers and surround its base in tons of yellow flower petals.

  • Yellow and white – Pale yellow with white is a classy and elegant pairing.  Use a bright yellow for a summer or morning wedding.  White tablecloths, gold rimmed china and bright yellow centerpieces make for a wonderful wedding brunch setting and décor.

  • Yellow and purple – Yellow and purple is yet another really versatile yellow color combination. Try an eggplant with a pale yellow wash or bright purple with a sassy canary yellow.  Lavender votive candles look soft and romantic against yellow table clothes.

  • Yellow and black – In most circumstances, you want to keep the black to damask and floral patterns.  If you would like to use clean lines and large amounts of black, try to mix the shades of yellow you use or choose a pale yellow.  Bright yellow and lots of black can give you a bumble bee look so be careful unless that fits your vision.
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