Planning a Red Wedding – Red Details

Red Wedding Attire

Red is so easy to incorporate into your wedding attire.  Many bridal dresses now have red in them from timeless touches of rose red to full panels of scarlet red.  Piping, wedding shoes and wedding dress sashes are readily available in a few different shades of red. Red pocket squares and boutonnieres will help your groom add a touch of red to his attire.  What bridesmaid wouldn’t love to pick out a short red dress and pair it with the perfect accessories in your other wedding colors.  Think of red as an accent or the main attraction.  Either way red is a sure fire winner for your wedding attire color scheme.

Wedding Invitations and Paper

Most of MyGatsby’s wedding invitations are available in red. Red ink or red paper can be chosen as an option for most of the styles on MyGatsby.  The Lacey Wedding Invitation is a beautiful and popular choice for red wedding invitations.  Looking to have red be your invitations accent and not the main color?  How about a red ribbon on MyGatsby’s Vertical Folio Wedding Invitation? Add a touch of red to your invitation no matter what your color scheme may be with a ribbon or jewels for a classic and romantic pop.

Flowers to Consider

The obvious and most common choice here is deep red roses. You can surround them in lush greens with touches of baby’s breath for a rich and elegant look, or mix them into a bouquet for pops of color. Lilies come in shades that are very close to red as well and would work great in a red and orange color scheme.  Most flowers come in some shade of red so ask your florist for recommendations or browse magazine and websites for styles and shades that you love.

Red is the color of love.  Weddings are a celebration of true love.  What better color is there for you to use on your wedding day.

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