Planning a Red Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes That are Complementary to Red and How to Use Them

From deep wine colors to bright ruby reds, brides everywhere are learning to appreciate what red can do for their wedding color palette.  The key to combining red with other colors is to find the right shades and balance of colors so that red doesn’t overwhelm your guests or get missed either.

  • Red and green – Red and green is not just for Christmas color schemes anymore.  Rich red roses with lush full greens scream romance and passion. Greenery really is your best bet for adding green to your wedding color scheme.  Try using lime green instead of darker greens to create a beautiful look for any season.
  • Red and purple – Red and purple can be used to create so many different looks.  Lavender, violet and eggplant all make very pretty shades to mix into your red color palette when planning your wedding.  Get swatches of lots of shades of red and do the same for purple because you will have lots of fun finding just the right shades to complete this wedding look.
  • Red and blue – Rich shades will rule this color scheme.  Try to keep at least one of the colors in bright bold shades. Ice blue is a nice choice if you don’t want navy or royal blue.
  • Red and white – This color scheme just oozes romance and fun.  Try a card or queen and king of hearts theme with this color scheme to liven your wedding reception.  Pops of red everywhere make for a beautiful and romantic wedding ceremony.  A simple single red rose carried by each bridesmaid makes a loving and elegant statement at your wedding ceremony. Try using ivory instead of white for a regal and classy look.
  • Red and brown – When using a dark brown in this color scheme make sure to use it plentifully.  Tan or khaki will work great with this wedding color palette.
  • Red and yellow – Mix lots of shades into your wedding color scheme for a bold and fun palette. Mix brighter and more muted reds with bright and pale yellows.  Sometimes less is indeed more, but sometimes more is more too.
  • Red and orange – The same rules apply to red and orange that applies to red and yellow except you want to stick with either bold or pale colors.  Lots of shades of bright reds and bright oranges make for a gorgeous color scheme at your wedding any time of the year.
  • Red and pink – Red and pink really works in any shade combination.  Add white, silver or black to the mix because red and pink are so similar you will want to break up the color palette at your wedding.
  • Red and black – Red and black is classy and fierce.  Most shades work well with this color scheme and you can even add pops of gray in addition to the black.
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