Planning a Purple Wedding

Not all princesses dreamed of yards of pink tulle and sparkling pink lights.  Some preferred purple! From pale shades of lavender filling your bridal bouquet to rich royal purples that form the base for a reception fit for a queen, purple is a versatile and gorgeous addition to any wedding color palette.  Not sure where to start? This week we’ll talk about basic starting points to help plan your wedding with all things purple.

Themes That Pair Well With Purple

Rich royal purple paired with gold can be used to create a wonderfully regal wedding color scheme. Soft lavender can be paired with other spring colors for a spring wedding and pair.  Halloween weddings can really benefit from some purple in addition to the usual orange, black and brown.  Western themed weddings also benefit from some purple.  Purple can fit into so many themes all over the board.  Get creative and see if you can work it into your favorite theme.