Planning a Purple Wedding – Color Combinations

Color Schemes That are Complementary to Purple and How to Use Them

  • Purple and green – Fuchsia and fern can be used to create a fun wedding color palette.  Prefer lavender? Try pairing it with a mint green with some chocolate brown accents. Use pears as place card holders and attach purple escort cards. Place purple butterflies in an arrangement of greens for a unique and inventive centerpiece. If you are lucky enough to have a butterfly garden nearby, ask about using it for your reception.  Plates of fruit slices will attract the butterflies to your reception area, creating memories for you and your guests and making some amazing photo opportunities.
  • Purple and orange (and peach) – Orange and purple adds a girly touch to a Halloween themed wedding. No matter what theme you are planning for your wedding, orange and purple is a fun color combination.  Try peach for a softer look and mango for a bright and bold wedding color palette. Orange and purple rose petals lining the aisle of an outdoor wedding looks absolutely amazing.
  • Purple and pink – Purple and pink work in so many shade combinations so it is a super versatile wedding color palette.  Soft pink with lavender, plum with dusty rose and violet with hot pink are just the start of the great pink and purple color combinations that work wonders for wedding color schemes.  White, ivory and brown make great accents for this color scheme.
  • Purple and blue – When colors are so close together on the color wheel they can be paired together beautifully.  Just be sure to keep comparing new additions side by side to keep your color scheme fresh and coordinated and not thrown together.
  • Purple and brown – Brown is another popular pairing for purple. Beige and violet creates an eye catching wedding color scheme. Chocolate brown and a jeweled plum or royal purple makes a bold statement.
  • Purple and yellow – Sunshine and flowers! What better symbolism is there to start your life together with your new spouse? Bright and muted shades work well here in almost any combination.
  • Purple and red – This combination works wonders at a winery wedding. Deep, muted reds and equally deep purples make for an excellent fall wedding color scheme choice.
  • Purple and black – Black goes with everything and purple is no exception.  Try a satiny plum with a true black for an evening wedding or swap the plum for lavender and white with the black for a wedding that is earlier in the day.